Vintage Bedroom Decorating Idea

The available large variety of furniture and textiles makes it fun to create your own modern vintage design for the bedroom. The most important feature here is to coordinate textiles with the color shade of the fabric: *  Having decided for a color shade you like to have, you should stick to that when finalizing your bedding. Yet, feel free to coordinate different shades with the texture of the fabric. For instance, try cream and khaki with chocolate brown, lime green with olive green and light blue with rich purple and dark brown. Combining white with any color gives you a crisp contrast. *  Look for a bed sheet in traditional but appealing style. Floral patterns, paisley and pinstripes are excellent options but a surprising color like orange, bright green and turquoise brings s feeling of freshness and modernity. *  As far as pillows are concerned, you should know that a  mattress  with four or five cautiously chosen pillows makes a better impression than a bed that